Roller and Roman Shades

Portada Roller and Roman shades


Functional and gorgeous

Embellish each room with Luxury Blinds Eco-friendly Roller Shades. Whether you seek to show simplicity, or opulence, these shades dress up the surroundings with style. Functional and gorgeous, each shade is the perfect choice to be always in fashion. You can customize your shades with outstanding environmentally conscious fabrics from sheers to light blocking shades. See for your self our alluring collection of styles and tones.

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Sub Portada Roman Shades Products


Smart styling.

Simplicity that can be dressed in endless ways. From classic to contemporary, Roman Shades have a way to warming up the space, depending on which fabrics you choose and what do you do with them. These shades are very appealing. Whether you feel to be formal, fluffy, feminine, clean, severe, or romantic, our collection is an inviting choice for smart styling.

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Amico Roller & Roman Shades

Sleek and elegant look with a sophisticated selection of fabrics.  Designed to offer the best solar protection and light control for any interior environment. Over two hundred fabrics to choose from. 

Energy Saving materials with the most strict US and European Certifications. We are proud to be one of the few companies in de industry able to offer from our collection Cradle to Cradle Certified materials.

Available Systems:  Manual, Rechargeable Battery Motor, AC or DC Motor compatible with most of the major Smart System Brands.


Motorized Shades

Roller Shades Somfy Motorized with Mermet E-Screen Eco-friendly Fabric. The best choice for transparency while maximizing solar protection.

Exteriors Shades

Exterior shades may reduce solar heat gain by up to 60%. In this picture Mermet Satine 5% Openness Factor Eco-friendly Fabric.

Residential Shades

Roller Shades AmicoTech Silent Motorized with Mermet Natte 12% Openness Factor Eco-friendly Fabric. A sophisticated fabric designed for challenging situations in which solar heat gain and glare are problems.


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